About Us

We're an active duty military owned, family run, small business that love every element of the outdoors and cherish the time we have in it!  

Here you will find the photo work of Michael Wolz, landscape, outdoor, adventure photographer... simply, an outdoorsman that found a love of photography.  

I'm often asked, what is "Apogee" (pronounced, a-puh-jee)?  Perhaps it is a somewhat lost term but in the meaning I found a goal... or maybe a challenge!  An apogee is the highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination.  While I don’t think I’ve achieved that; it’s what I strive for in this adventure we call “life”.  I'm spending any given day in search of a new experience or discovery (no matter how small or large).

As a photographer, I take time to capture moments to bring an experience to others. Additionally, we work to develop gear that we find may make our journey more comfortable and provide reviews of gear that we’ve found simply does (or doesn’t) work well.

You will find that all prints are exclusively on aluminum.  It's a professional preference.  I discovered the amazing clarity and brilliance of gloss prints on aluminum several years ago and stuck to it. 

We take the greatest pride in what we create and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.